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Modular construction is the perfect match for the skills of a great handyman/punch-out pro. If you enjoy the challenge of punch-out work and have great customer skills, then we need you. Because most of the work is done in the factory, onsite work consists of small tasks across a wide range of skill sets. Some typical tasks are:
  • Install and/or fix trim
  • Install fans and/or lights
  • Straighten outlets
  • Install flooring
  • Adjust windows
  • Drywall touch up
  • Make minor structure changes
  • Minor electrical troubleshooting
  • Hang/adjust doors
  • Misc. tasks

We support you with the needed expertise when questions arise.

When you have questions about items in the home, a consultant with Impresa Modular or a factory expert is there to support you in creating another happy customer.
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