Become Part of a Team

chick-fil-a-logoHave you ever noticed how successful Chik-Fil-A is? Two of the trademark features of every restaurant is how courteous and professional every employee is at every location. They work together to deliver the best service in the industry. The sad thing is that they stand out because they deliver what we should expect as standard from every restaurant. If you look at today’s construction industry, it tends to mirror the same situation. We are looking for builders that are already the leading professionals in their area to join our top quality team and deliver an outstanding custom home building experience to our joint customers.

Bring Order to Chaos

Contractor’s today operate in a tough environment, less workers are entering the construction field, many subs have left the business or retired, codes are changing rapidly, and customers demand more than ever before. The internet has helped set an expectation that everything is done perfectly and happens fast. These constraints combined with customer expectations just aren’t realistic when building using conventional construction. However, adopting a new construction method isn’t the answer when it’s not used correctly. Impresa Modular is an experienced field partner. We are the experts at helping builder’s new to modular construction adapt their staff, their processes, and their subcontractors to this modern building method.

Deliver Quality that Just Can’t Be Achieved with Field Construction

Impresa Modular leverages its factory network across the country to deliver custom homes using modular construction. It is getting harder to find quality sub-contractors. Some of the best ones have left the industry and the great ones that are left are busy and hard to schedule. Modular construction is the modern way to deliver quality that you just can’t get when building outside in the elements today. Moisture content from rain and snow during construction can slow down a jobsite. It’s just plain hard to build a home outside in today’s construction environment. Why do it, especially when an easier and more economical approach exists.

Support with Meeting Today’s Complex and Changing Building Codes

New building and energy codes are almost to the point that building a home outdoors just isn’t feasible. The new energy codes require caulks and seals to be placed precisely to minimize leakage so blower door testing is successful. Many states are adopting sprinklers and are requiring HERS and/or blower door testing for final occupancy permits. In addition, builders are getting more oversight from OSHA as they are expanding their resources to watch residential jobsites more closely. The processes in place for producing homes in modular factories assures compliance with codes and takes up to 85% of the burden for compliance off the shoulders of the site builder.

Leverage Our Marketing and Sales Support

help-btnWe stand out from every other providers of modular homes to the building industry in several ways. First, we can provide our homes to any state in the U.S. We are the ONLY provider of custom modular homes across the country. We lead the market in website technology and marketing automation facing the consumer. What sets us apart is our follow-up. We have built our marketing machine to generate real leads across the country. Our builder network gets to share in our leads and we can support your existing web presence with our hundreds of standard floor plans. Our expert team is there to support you from lead… to sale… to delivery. We are there every step along the way.

We Make it Easy!

What really sets us apart is our dedication to serving out builder network. Our team not only supports you and your customer with home design and project support, we support you with real know-how. We deliver the home to your site and set it on your prepared foundation. We make sure it is set correctly and the roof finished. We keep risk low on to make margins high. Most builders new to modular construction are forced by their provider to learn this new construction technique by trial and error. Don’t let that happen to you. We are only successful when you are successful. Are you ready to upgrade to modular construction for your next project? Complete our online builder application Contact our Contractor Manager

Impresa Modular is not affiliated with Chick-Fil-A® in anyway.